As many of you know, The Doctors Company offers complimentary (yes, FREE) CME and CE classes to both members and nonmembers. We have courses for doctors, practice managers and office staff. You will find below links to two of the newest programs that focus on Distracted Practice. You can access multiple CME programs by going to TDC’s webpage –  – and clicking on the Education and CME tab.

Here are step by step instructions on how to access the CMEs.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Choose the “Education and CME” tab
  3. Select “All On-Demand Courses”
  4. Locate the course from the catalog
  5. Upon selection of a course, a “Landing Page” of the course loads,  scroll down and choose “I Certify…” and “continue”
  6. A sign in page appears and new users need to select the “New User” button and enter in their e-mail address
  7. Create a profile from the form – Follow the asterisks (*) for the required information
  8. Choose “Save”
  9. You will now be auto-directed to the course content

Below you will find direct links to the Distracted Practice CMEs.

New CME: How Healthcare Leaders Can Reduce Risks of Distracted Practice in Their Organization

Description: This course examines how distraction and interruptions impact safe patient care and presents strategies that organizations, teams, and departments can use to address the problem.


New CME: The Risks of Distracted Practice in the Perioperative Area

Description: This course explores how the invasion of technology in the health care environment, especially the use of individual personal electronic devices — puts patient safety at risk. As a society, we are so focused on the screen that we fail to see the patient, because we believe in our ability to multitask. This course examines the challenges and solutions related to personal electronic devices in clinical care settings and discusses what individuals and teams can do to reduce distractions and increase situational awareness.


A comprehensive on-demand course list is included below.

On-DemandCourse 07-30-2018_