To celebrate Breastfeeding month, our friends at EPIC have shared some creative ways you can make a difference in your community.  Check out these great ideas and helpful resources below: 

August is Breastfeeding Month!  The theme this year is Support Breastfeeding for a Healthier Planet.  As we continue to reckon with the COVID-19 Pandemic, keep in mind that breastfeeding families need our support more than ever!  Breastfeeding is an important factor in the health of infants, mothers and families.  Beyond the health benefits, breastfeeding is aclimate-smart decision.

We invite you and your practice to promote breastfeeding by celebrating Breastfeeding  Week or month!   Here are a few ideas for how you can celebrate:

Make goodie bags for your breastfeeding patients.  Take care not to include items marketed to breastfeeding mothers like teas or cookies, or items from formula companies.  Instead, choose chocolate or other general treats, a board book to read to baby, or customized  promotion items for your practice. A reusable water bottle would go well with this year’s theme.

Make “Breastfeeding Welcome Here” signs that you can leave up all year! Free printables here:

Sign up for an upcoming EPIC Breastfeeding Fundamentals webinar, and encourage your colleagues and staff members to sign up, too! The Educating Physicians & Practices in their Communities (EPIC) Program is free to healthcare providers in Georgia and offers CME and nursing contact hours, and includes an electronic resource kit. If the dates/times of their scheduled webinars don’t work for you, you may also request an individualized program for your office.

Learn about and who provides breastfeeding support in your community so you can refer families to peer support, clinical support, or breastfeeding friendly healthcare providers in their neighborhood.

Get involved with the Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition!  Sign up for the mailing list  at


The EPIC Breastfeeding Program offers peer-to-peer breastfeeding education to physician’s offices, hospitals and residency programs. Our goal is to educate physicians and their staff on breastfeeding and inform them as to why they play a critical role in a woman’s decision to breastfeed and to continue breastfeeding. We provide information on evidence-based standards of how to encourage, promote and support breastfeeding. We also give out information on how to access lactation and support services in the community and free resources for patient education. The 1 hour program not only provides great information to the staff but attendees will receive continuing educational credits.

To schedule an EPIC Program download REQUEST FORMS and fax to Andrea Perry at (404) 249-9503

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