Compared to term infants, late preterm infants are at higher risk of developing more medical complications leading to higher mortality and morbidity, and have higher hospital re-admission rates in the first few months of life. The Georgia OBGyn Society believes that OBs should take a voluntary proactive stance to decrease elective, non-medically necessary late preterm deliveries prior to 39 weeks in the best interest of our pregnant women and newborns. Here are a few resources to help educate your patients on the importance of waiting full term for a healthy baby. You are welcome to download and print the poster. To order booklets or flyers, or for a catalog of materials, call March of Dimes (800)367-6630 or visit

GOGS Letter on Prevention of Elective Preterm Deliveries, 2011

39 Weeks Poster

MOD 39 Weeks Booklet

MOD Patient Education Flyer

MOD Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait brochure

MOD 39 Weeks Brain Development card
AAP’s Levels of Prenatal Care

39 Weeks information on ACOG’s website

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Ectopic Pregnancy

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Fertility Care

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Information for Patients Seeking Abortion Care

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