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3 Ways to Improve EHRs

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Electronic health records (EHRs) must improve in three areas to reach their full potential and enable physicians to provide better care. As important tools in modern patient care, today’s EHRs must improve in the following areas:

  1. User-centered design
  2. Alerts and alarms
  3. Interoperability
GOGS Annual Meeting 2017 Registration Form

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Download and send to nreaves@gaobgyn.org

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GPA Annual Conference

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This year’s GPA conference is in St. Simon’s Island. Register by August 20th for best rates.

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About Georgia OBGyn Society
About Georgia OBGyn Society A non-profit professional association for OBGyn physicians

The Georgia Obstetrical and Gynecological Society has more than 950 members throughout Georgia and has been active since 1951. Run by a volunteer statewide Board of Directors composed of OBGyn physician members, the Society engages in a number of services and activities to serve members including: advocacy for members, advocacy for women’s health and continuing medical education.

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