Unfortunately, Georgia is not ranked favorably in facts and figures related to positive women’s health outcomes. In fact Georgia is ranked:
  • 50 th in nation in maternal mortality – women dying during or within a year of childbirth
  • 47 th in nation in repeat teen pregnancies
  • 46 th in nation in low birth weight babies
  • 41 st in preterm births
  • 35 th in nation in teen mother births
  • 30% of Georgia adults are obese


To create a network of the best quality care for women in the state of Georgia, the goals of the Georgia OBGyn Foundation are to:
  • Be a leader for women’s health issues by providing a unified voice transcending all socioeconomic, ethnic and geographic barriers
  • Integrate technology, resources and education to advance the care of women statewide
  • Develop partnerships to provide resources that allow women to lead the healthiest life possible
  • Perpetuate the endeavors of the Georgia OBGyn Society
  • Support training, professional development and ongoing educational opportunities for OBGyn providers
  • Collaborate with OBGyns and other health care advocates across the state to disseminate best practices, enhance the quality and delivery of care, and improve clinical outcomes


See the Society’s plan for improving women’s health and what is needed to accomplish these goals: Foundation Booklet 2016