The Advisory Council, composed of all Committee Chairs, serves as an Advisory group to the President and Board of Directors and attends regular meetings of the Board of Directors. The Council may be used as an Ad Hoc Committee with objectives to be determined by the President to make recommendations to the BOD concerning policy affecting the Society and long range guidelines for for future planning. The Council members will make reports and present proposals for consideration by BOD for disposition of Committee recommendations.

2022 – 2023 Advisory Council

Advisory Committees

Membership Committee

Chair: Joy Baker, MD

  • Gretchen Koontz, MD
  • Jade Stafford, MD
  • Stephanie Smeltzer, MD

Nominations and Awards Committee

Chair:  Champa Woodham, MD (2022 – 2023)

  • Cary Perry, MD (2021 – 2022)
  • Melissa Kottke, MD (2020 – 2021)

Legislative/GynPAC Committee

Co-Chair: Winnie Soufi, MD, PhD
Co-Chair:  Andrew A. Toledo, MD

  • Champa Woodham, MD – President
  • Gretchen Koontz, MD – President-Elect
  • Christina Elstad, MD – GynPAC Lead
  • Adrienne Zertuche MD – ACOG Section Vice-Chair
  • Winnie Soufi, MD, Phd- MAG Rep
  • Anne Patterson, MD – PC2 Rep
  • Missy Kottke, MD – Post Roe Task Force
  • Nisha Verma, MD – Young physician
  • Lauren Little, MD – Jr. Fellow
  •  – Member at Large
  • Jesse Wayson, MD – Resident
  • Skin Edge – Lobbyist
  • Lauren Pollow – Lobbyist
  • Kate Boyenga – Executive Director

Grant Activities Committee

Chair:  Jeffrey H. Korotkin, MD

  • Melissa Kottke, MD
  • Suchitra Chandrasekaran, MD

Education and Residency Involvement Committee

Chair: Joy Baker, MD

Annual Meeting Planning Committee
Chair:  Champa Woodham, MD

  • Gretchen Koontz, MD
  • Jessica Williams, MD
  • Bunja Rungrang, MD
  • Bradley Newton, MD
  • Ashlee Tillery, MD

Breastfeeding Committee
Chair: Keisha Callins, MD

  • Clair Eden
  • Elizabeth Collins, MD
  • Deborah Taylor, MD
  • Ashley Tiegs, MD

Rural Health
Chair: Hugh Smith, MD

  • Keisha Callins
  • Joy Baker
  • Tommy Hatchett

Chair: Jessica Arluck, MD

  • Melissa Kottke, MD
  • Joanna Gao, MD


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