The Advisory Council, composed of all Committee Chairs, serves as an Advisory group to the President and Board of Directors and attends regular meetings of the Board of Directors. The Council may be used as an Ad Hoc Committee with objectives to be determined by the President to make recommendations to the BOD concerning policy affecting the Society and long range guidelines for for future planning. The Council members will make reports and present proposals for consideration by BOD for disposition of Committee recommendations.

Membership Committee

The Committee reviews all applications for membership in all categories and makes specific recommendations regarding applications to the BOD. They report to the BOD on the current status and activities related to membership.

Chairs: Dina Weiss Linfoot, MD, Savannah and Mardi Schaufler, MD, La Grange
Member: Bonita Dozier, MD, Atlanta
Member: Holly G. Coleman, MD, Gainesville
Member: Lisa Rogers, MD, Statesboro

Nominations & Awards Committee

The committee nominates candidates for the elective offices of the Society: President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and two Directors at Large, to be elected by a majority of active members present at the Annual Meeting. The nominations should be a proper representation of the inteest of the membership and of the geographical distribution of its members. Additionally, the Committee members will prepare and report to the BOD on nominations for special recognitions and awards to be presented by the Society.

Chair: Hugh Smith, MD
Member: Cathy Bonk, MD
Member: Cyril Spann, MD

Government Relations Committee

Functions include keeping the BOD and the Society informed about pending or proposed legislation which affect obstetrics and gynecologic patients and practice and to recommend appropriate action in the area of government relations. The members will cooperate with other medical organizations, government agencies, and the insurance industry concerning legislation and will provide these agencies and the general public with proper information about the direction of the profession and other matters of interest in an effort to promote excellent OBGyn care.

Chair: Andrew Toledo, MD, Atlanta
Vice Chair: Carla Roberts, MD, Atlanta
Member: Greg Cook, MD, Augusta
Member: Thomas L.Hatchett, MD, Demorest
Member: Jules Toraya, MD, Savannah
Member: Winifred Soufi, MD, Atlanta

Education & Residency Involvement Committee

The Committee shall consist of three cmponents for which Vice-Chair may be appointed: Medical Student Subcommittee, Resident Subcommittee, and Member Subcommittee. The members will promote increased involvement of residents, residency programs and program directors with GOGS regarding thepresent adn future status of OBGyn education in Georgia and will promote strong liaisons among OBGyns and other health care providers regarding educational issues.

Chair: Roland Matthews, MD, Atlanta
Section Junior Fellow Chair: Lauren Little, MD, Atlanta
Member: David B. Byck, MD, Savannah
Member: Jessica Arluck, MD, Atlanta
Member: William J. Butler, MD, Macon
Member: Perry (Chip) Busbee, III, MD, Atlanta
Member: Chadburn Ray, MD, Augusta

Grant Activities Committee

This committee oversees the distribution of grant-earned funds for the Society.

Chair: Jeffrey H. Korotkin, MD, Atlanta
Member: David B. Byck, MD, Savannah
Member: P. Ruth Cline, MD, Athens
Member: Roland Matthews, MD, Atlanta

Obstetrical Practice Committee

The Committee is designed to study, correlate, evaluate and report upon all phases of obstetric and reproductive health practice in Georgia and to make recommendations for improvement. The members will provide current information to Society members regarding all maternal and prenatal health issues of importance to clinical practice and provide specific recommendations on what individual members can do to improve maternal and perinatal health.

Chair: Shelly M. Dunson-Allen, MD, Roswell
Vice Chair: Anthony Royek, MD, Savannah

Public Health & Relations Committee

Functions include studying, correlating, evaluating, and reporting on all phases of maternal healh in Georgia, and to make recommendations for improvement and to keep the membership informed of public health issues elated to maternal and prenatal health as well as women’s health care in general, such as community-specific information on infant mortality, teen pregnancy, underserved populations and infectious disease rates. The Committee makes recommendations regarding specific areas in which members can provide assistance or improve the health of women in Georgia.

Chair: C. Anne Patterson, MD, Atlanta
Vice Chairs: Victoria L. Green, MD, JD, Atlanta and Melissa Kottke, MD, Atlanta

Gynecological Practice Committee

The Committee studies, correlates, evaluates, and reports on all phases of gynecologic practice in Georgia and makes recommendations for improvement of public and professional education programs, including medical students, interns and residents, and special fellowship programs. The GPC encourages research (clinical, basic, epidemiologic, and applied) in gynecology, gynoncology, urologic-gynecology, and endocrinology in Georgia. The Committee also provides oversight of ethical issues referred to the BOD related to gyn practice matters.

Chair: Cyril O. Spann, MD, Decatur
Vice Chair Urologic-Gynecology: R. Brian Raybon, MD, Toccoa
Vice Chair General GYN: Cary C. Perry, MD, Athens

Reproductive Endocrinology Committee

Chair: Robert J. Straub, MD, Cumming
Vice Chair: Robin H. Fogle, MD, Atlanta

Reproductive Health Committee

Chair: Cynthia A. Mercer MD, Athens
Vice Chair: Camille Davis-Williams, MD, Atlanta

Past Presidents Committee

Chair: John G. Moore, MD, Atlanta

Retired Physicians Committee

This Committee encourages retired and emeritus physicians to remain active in the Society.

Chair: John B. Hill, MD, Athens

Practice Management Committee

Studies, correlates, evaluates, and reports on all phases of medical practice management in Georgia and makes recommendations for improvement. The Committee members will assist physicians in practice management (managed care, CPT coding, CLIA, indigent care) and the ever-changing health care field.

Chair: Catherine M. Bonk, MD, Decatur
Vice Chair: Open

Medicare, Medicaid, & Third Party Payer Committee

Studies and makes recommendations on the relationships and responsibilities of OB-Gyns to private, state and federal plans for payment for hospital and professional services in OBGyn. The members will inform the Society directly of any change or development which effects the economic aspects of obstetric and gynecologic pratice, and make reports to the BOD and the membership at meetings of the Society. MMTPP appoints members to represent the Society with agencies that provide payment for physician services.

Chair: Open
Member: Andrew B. Dott, MD, Atlanta
Member: Hugh D. Smith, MD, Thomaston
Member: Al Sermons, MD, Atlanta

Program Committee

The Program Committee develops an education program for the meetings of the Society and cooperates with GOGS administrative staff in determining and obtaining the necessary space, equipment, accomodations and other facilities for a proper presentation of all educational programs.

Chair: Hugh D. Smith, MD, Thomaston

Volunteer Committee

Chair: Thomas L. Hatchett, MD, Demorest
Vice Chair: Michael C. Scott, MD, Atlanta


Chair: Andrew A. Toledo, MD, Atlanta
Treasurer: Nancy H. Cook, MD, Atlanta

Communications Editor

Catherine M. Bonk, MD, Decatur

Special Projects Committee

Ben Cheek, MD, Columbus
Sandra B. Reed, MD, Thomasville
Michael Lindsay, MD, Atlanta