The Advisory Council, composed of all Committee Chairs, serves as an Advisory group to the President and Board of Directors and attends regular meetings of the Board of Directors. The Council may be used as an Ad Hoc Committee with objectives to be determined by the President to make recommendations to the BOD concerning policy affecting the Society and long range guidelines for for future planning. The Council members will make reports and present proposals for consideration by BOD for disposition of Committee recommendations.

2019-2020 Advisory Council

Advisory Committees

Membership Committee

Co-Chair: Shelley Dunson-Allen, MD

Co-Chair: Gretchen Koontz, MD

  • Dina Weiss Linfoot, MD
  • Holly G. Coleman, MD
  • Bonita Dozier, MD
  • Lisa S. Rogers, MD
  • Joy Baker, MD

Nominations and Awards Committee

Chair:  Chad Ray, MD (2018-2019)

  • Cyril Spann, MD (2016-2017)
  • Hugh Smith, MD (2017-2018)

Government Relations Committee

Chair:  Andrew A. Toledo, MD

Vice Chair:  Adrienne Zertuche, MD

  • Greg Cook, MD
  • Thomas L. Hatchett, MD
  • Winifred Soufi, MD
  • Jules Toraya, MD
  • Lina Millan, MD

Grant Activities Committee

Chair:  Jeffrey H. Korotkin, MD

  • David B. Byck, MD
  • P. Ruth Cline, MD
  • Roland Matthews, MD

Education and Residency Involvement Committee

Chair:  Roland Matthews, MD

  • David B. Byck, MD, Chadburn Ray, MD, William Butler, MD, Jessica Arluck, MD, Teresa Byrd, MD
  • Section Junior Fellow Chair:  Lauren Little, MD
  • Section Junior Fellow Vice Chair:  Louise Wannamaker, MD

Obstetrical Practice Committee

Chair:  Shelley Dunson-Allen, MD

  • Vice Chair:  Anthony Royek, MD

Public Health and Relations Committee

Chair:  C. Anne Patterson, MD

  • Vice Chair:  Victoria L. Green, MD, JD, MBA
  • Melissa Kottke, MD

Gynecological Practice Committee

Chair:  Cyril O. Spann, MD

  • Vice Chair Gyn Oncology:
  • Vice Chair Urologic Gynecology:   Brian Raybon, MD
  • Vice Chair General Gyn:  Cary C. Perry, MD

Reproductive Endocrinology Committee

Chair:  Robert J. Straub, MD

  • Vice Chair:  Robin H. Fogle, MD

Reproductive Health Committee

Chair:  Cynthia A. Mercer, MD

  • Vice Chair:  Camille Davis-Williams, MD

Past Presidents Committee

Chair:  John G. Moore, MD

Retired Physicians Committee

Chair: Hugh Smith, MD

Practice Management Committee

Chair:  Catherine M. Bonk, MD

  • Vice Chair:

Medicare, Medicaid and Third Party Payer Committee

  • Members:  Andrew B. Dott, MD, Al Sermons, MD, Hugh D. Smith, MD

Program Committee

Chair:  Al Scott, MD, President

Volunteer Activities Committee

Chair:  Thomas L. Hatchett, MD

  • Vice Chair:  Mike Scott, MD


Chair:  Andrew A. Toledo, MD

  • Treasurer:  Nancy H. Cook, MD

Communications Editor

Jessica Arluck, MD

Special Projects Committee

  • __________________    Sandra B. Reed, MD
  • Ben H. Cheek, MD        Michael Lindsay, MD